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Incubation. Laura DiSilverio. 2016. 348 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: I've never seen a bird, of course. Not a live one. So this discovery washed ashore from who knows where makes my breath catch in my throat.

Premise/plot: Everly Jax is the heroine of Incubation, a young adult dystopian novel by Laura DiSilverio. She is soon to embark on a life-or-death adventure with two of her closest friends as they run away from their (strict) community. Everly is seeking knowledge, the names of her parents. She was an abandoned baby raised in InKubator 9. Halla is pregnant and keeping it as secret as long as possible. If it was made known, her baby would be taken from her at birth to be raised by someone else. Halla doesn't want to be a surrogate, though surrogates are desperately needed in this post-apocalyptic world. She is in love with her boyfriend, a soldier, and wants to write her own future. Wyck is another friend. He wants to write his own future too. He doesn't want anyone forcing him into a specific job. I think he doesn't want to be a guard or soldier? Regardless, these three have made plans to escape into the great unknown.

My thoughts: It is an action-packed read with plenty of mystery surrounding the world in which they live. I found it a compelling enough read. I read it in two days! Not bad for me these days! All three characters come across as flawed, in other words, they come across as human, which is a good thing. Everly is so focused on herself that she doesn't always consider others, for example. Halla seems equally selfish in her own way. Though I suppose you could say that she's trying to think for two. The society--or community--in which they live is very, very flawed. And so it's no surprise there's a resistance movement (or two) in the works....

Overall, I liked this one. I would definitely be interested in reading the sequel.

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