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Listening to King George, part 5

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Today, I'll be starting with his tenth album Livin' It Up. I must admit I fell a bit in love with this one. As in I didn't want to let it go when it was time to move on to the next album to listen to. It features ten songs.

It features three hit songs: "I've Come To Expect It From You," "Drinking Champagne," and "Love Without End, Amen."

Of the three hit songs I love "I've Come To Expect It From You" the best. Here's how it begins:

"So upset
Nervous wreck
I can't believe you said goodbye"

And the chorus: How could you do what you've gone and done to me? I wouldn't treat a dog the way you treated me. But that's what I get, I've come to expect it from you.

My favorite line is probably: There won't be no more next time doing me wrong. You'll come back this time to find out that I'm gone.

The seven new-to-me songs include, "Someone Had To Teach You," "Heaven Must Be Wondering Where You Are," "Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy," "When You're A Man On Your Own," "We're Supposed To Do That Now and Then," "She Loves Me (She Don't Love You)" and "Stranger In My Arms."

Of those seven, I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Someone Had To Teach You," "We're Supposed To Do That Now and Then," and "She Loves Me (She Don't Love You)."

Someone Had To Teach You:

Yes, I'll take you back again, you knew I would
For I go on lovin' you that's understood
But it's the first time you've come back with tears in your eyes
Lately someone's taught you how to cry
Someone had to teach you I didn't have the heart to
Hurt you just like you've been hurting me
Someone had to teach you things it's time that you knew
Now maybe you'll be satisfied with me

She Loves Me (She Don't Love You):

Well now I can see your dancin' every dance with her
And it seems to me that your dancin' much too close to her
When you sat down at our table
You sat next to her
But I know that it's true
She loves me, She don't love you

The Chill of an Early Fall is George Strait's eleventh album. Four of the ten songs on this album were released as singles: "The Chill of An Early Fall," "If I Know Me, "You Know Me Better Than That," and "Lovesick Blues." I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "You Know Me Better Than That."

Baby, since you left me, there's somebody new
She thinks I'm perfect, I swear
She likes my body, my class and my charm
She says I've got a confident air
She respects my ambition, thinks I'm talented too
But she's in love with an image time is bound to see through
Oh, you know me better than that
You know the me that gets lazy and fat
How moody I can be, all my insecurities
You've seen me lose all my charm
You know I was raised on a farm
Oh, she tells her friends I'm perfect
And that I love her cat
But you know me better than that

I also love If I Know Me.  Here's the official music video from 1991.

The album also includes: "I've Convinced Everybody But Me," "Anything You Can Spare," "Home in San Antone," "Milk Cow Blues," "Her Only Bad Habit Is Me," and "Is It Already Time."

I really fell for "Is It Already Time?"

The years have been so good to you and I my friend
They brought us to the Autumn wind and left the tears behind
And who'd have dreamed that love could grow so endlessly
And you'd have meant so much to me, is it already time?
And I will always love you so
We'll hold each other close until it's time to go
And we believed we had forever on our side
Is it already time?
And I will always love you so
We'll hold each other close until it's time to go
And we believed we had forever on our side
Is it already time?
And we believed we had forever on our side
Is it already time?

I'd listen to that song first, if you've a mind to, and then cheer yourself up with a song like "Home In San Antone."

Holding My Own is the twelfth album. It features the singles: "Gone As A Girl Can Get," and "So Much Like My Dad."

It also features: "You're Right, I'm Wrong," "Holding My Own," "Trains Make Me Lonesome," "All of Me (Loves All of You), "Wonderland of Love," "Faults and All," "It's Alright With Me," and "Here We Go Again."

My favorite song on the album is probably "You're Right, I'm Wrong."  It begins:

You're right, I'm wrong
I'm here, you're gone
Now I'm the one to blame
That our loves at an end
I lied, you cried
I died inside
Now I'll do anything
To get you back again

I also liked "Here We Go Again."

1992 also saw the release of Pure Country. It is his thirteenth album, but, also a soundtrack. It has sold over six million copies (according to wikipedia).

It features these singles: "Heartland," "I Cross My Heart," and "When Did You Stop Loving Me." Another song, "Overnight Male," got a LOT of radio time as well.

Other songs include: "Baby Your Baby," "She Lays It All on the Line," "Last in Love," "Thoughts of a Fool," "The King of Broken Hearts," and "Where The Sidewalk Ends."

There were official music videos for "Heartland" and "I Cross My Heart."

My favorite new-to-me song was probably "Baby Your Baby." But the album as a whole is strong. It has been fun to revisit the early nineties with George Strait. By this time, I was listening to country music on the radio regularly--on the way to and from school in the car.

I leave you with a video:

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