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Listening to George, part 6

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Today, I'm starting with Easy Come, Easy Go, George Strait's fourteenth album.  There were four singles released from this album: "Easy Come, Easy Go," "I'd Like To Have That One Back," "Lovebug," and "The Man In Love With You." I remember when each of these was 'new.' Easy Come, Easy Go is great fun to sing along with. But. The Man In Love With You is probably my favorite from the four singles.
I'm not the hero, who will always save the day
Don't always wear the white hat, won't always know the way
I may not even be the dream, you wanted to come true
But, I'll always be the man in love with you 
Other songs on the album include: "Stay Out of My Arms," "Just Look At Me," "I Wasn't Fooling Around," "Without Me Around," "That's Where My Baby Feels At Home," and "We Must Be Loving Right."

I really LOVE "Stay Out of My Arms" and "Just Look At Me." But for some reason I've really fallen for his "I Wasn't Fooling Around."
I wasn't fooling around, everything's true what I say.
So take me seriously, darlin, please just take me.
I wasn't fooling around.
Laugh if you want to, but I wasn't joking
About this love that's real.
Is it surprising I'm romanticizing about the way I feel.
As I've been listening to George Strait, there are times when I just get the strong impression that Michael Buble should do a George-Strait inspired cover album. I'm not thinking Amarillo by Morning or The Cowboy Rides Away. But I think he could really do a great cover of We Must Be Loving Right.

Lead On is George Strait's fifteenth album. (It was my first George Strait album.) Four singles were released from this album: "The Big One," "You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody," "Adalida," and "Lead On." Of the singles, if I had to choose just one, I'd go with Lead On. But really, why would I ever have to?!
"Lead On" is one of those songs that get an emotional response from me within seconds of hearing the opening notes. (The Chair is another great example of that.)
She said I don't recall
Seeing you around here
You must be new to this town
Said, I'm just passin through
But, girl from the looks of you I
Could see me settling down
The she smiled and said the invitations open
Cause you look just like what I've been waiting on.
So I said why don't we take
This matter somewhere else
And get to know this feeling that's so strong
Lead on
For those who are NOT familiar with the song, there is a twist revealed as the song goes on. So it's not two complete strangers getting way too friendly, way too fast.

Other songs include "I Met A Friend of Yours Today," "Nobody Has To Get Hurt," "Down Louisiana Way," "What Am I Waiting For," "I'll Always Be Loving You," and "No One But You." Of those, I really LOVE "Nobody Has To Get Hurt."

In between the album Lead On and Blue Clear Sky, he released a four disc box set called Strait Out of the Box. Singles released from this box set include the hits "Check Yes or No" and "I Know She Still Loves Me." In addition to his hits, it also includes rare tracks like some of his recordings from the 1970s before he got signed with a major record label. Songs like I Just Can't Go On Dying Like This. Another track from this album is "Any Old Love Won't Do."

Blue Clear Sky is George Strait's sixteenth album. The four singles from this album include: "Blue Clear Sky," "Carried Away," "I Can Still Make Cheyenne," and "King of the Mountain." I love Blue Clear Sky.
Here she comes a walkin' talkin' true love
Sayin' I been lookin' for you love
Surprise your new love has arrived
Out of the blue clear sky.
Other songs from this album include: "Rockin' in the Arms of Your Memory," "She Knows When You're On My Mind," "I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You," "Do the Right Thing," "I'd Just As Soon Go," and "Need I Say More."

My favorite of those is "I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You." But I also like "I'd Just As Soon Go."

Carrying Your Love With Me is George Strait's seventeenth album. Four songs from this album were released as singles: "One Night At A Time," "Carrying Your Love With Me," "Today My World Slipped Away," and "Round About Way." If you look at it, it's a representative sampling of what you'll find in country music. I do love "Carrying Your Love With Me." That song should probably be my favorite. But if I'm honest, I have to go with "One Night At A Time." Once again, I blame it on the music--both the melody and the instruments.
I'm not yours, and, baby, you're not mine
We've got something and it sure is fine
Let's take our love one night at a time
There's one thing that we both agree
I like you, and, baby, you like me
Let's take our love one night at a time
Other songs on the album include: "She'll Leave You With A Smile," "Won't You Come Home (And Talk to A Stranger)," "I've Got a Funny Feeling," "The Nerve," "That's Me (Every Chance I Get)," and "A Real Good Place to Start." I find it interesting that on this particular album, I really prefer the non-singles to the singles.

I have four favorite songs from this album: "I've Got A Funny Feeling," "That's Me (Every Chance I Get)," "A Real Good Place to Start," and "Won't You Come Home (And Talk to a Stranger)."
Still reelin' from a relationship
That left me torn in two
Tryin' to find that first step
That leads to someone new
Gettin' me back together
Didn't know it could be so hard
But if I'm ever gonna mend this broken heart
You look like a real good place to start
I need a new beginning
And girl you fit right in
Sometimes a new beginning
Is found in an old friend
If I'm ever gonna mend this broken heart
You look like a real good place to start
I've got a funny feeling somebody's stealin' my honey
Lord I love that child, love to see her smile
But these circumstances ain't funny
Where lies a danger, is he a stranger or a pal
I've got a funny feeling somebody's stealing my gal
Wherever he is, well I'm callin' his bluff
I'm gonna start wearin' that good smellin' stuff
And I'll be the lover that I used to be
Whatever she's missin', she'll get it from me
Picture a fellow with his boots shined up
A new coat of clean on his pick-up truck
Ringin' your doorbell thinkin' about love
Hey honey that's me
That's me with a capital M
That's me ten times ten
I ain't worked up my courage yet
But that's me every chance I get
Picture a fellow at a picture show
His arm around you in the very last row
Stealin' a kiss as the credits roll
Yeah honey that's me

I do think it's slightly ironic that "Won't You Come Home (And Talk To A Stranger)" comes right before "Today My World Slipped Away" on the album. As if the guy did not come home and shape up fast enough....leading to a divorce.

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