Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Movie Month, Day 1

So Kailana (The Written Word) and I really LOVED participating in Jenni Elyse's 30 Days of Books.  We thought it would be fun to do a movie-theme list of questions! Feel free to switch "favorite" to "least favorite" if that is more applicable to you!

Today's question: What was the first movie you really remember loving?

I've got three. The Sound of Music. Robin Hood (Disney). And Calamity Jane. If you were to ask my Mom this question, she'd say CALAMITY JANE. I might have been a wee-bit obsessed with watching this one again-again-again.

Now the Sound of Music is a movie I've never outgrown, will never outgrow! Christopher Plummer was probably my first crush!

Robin Hood is one of my favorite movies. I love all the Roger Miller bits!

I'd love to hear your answer to this question!

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Kailana said...

I probably had more. I just answered the first that popped in my head. lol