Saturday, November 05, 2016

Ten Favorite Musical Moments

I saw this at You, Me, and A Cup of Tea. I'm choosing ten favorite songs from musicals. Sometimes my favorite moments from musicals are songs, but, not always.

1) The Impossible Dream. Man of La Mancha. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song.

2) I Could Have Danced All Night. My Fair Lady. Mom and I agree that this is the best song from a musical EVER. If one of us starts singing it, chances are we'll both be singing it until another song pops into our head!

3) Shall We Dance. King and I. Typically, the KING AND I makes me cry. When I saw the King and I live, I even started crying BEFORE the show started when they were playing the overture. That's how closely the music and memory are connected--at least with me! But this one song from King and I does not make me cry. It makes me GIDDY. I could easily watch this one scene twenty times in a row without even trying.

4) Some Enchanted Evening. South Pacific. This is one of the best love songs from a musical.

5) On My Own by Les Miserables. The music from this musical is hit or miss with me. This is my FAVORITE from the musical. I love it with the vocals or without.

6) The Lonely Goatherd vs. Edelweiss vs. Do Re Mi. Honestly, how could I ever choose one favorite song from the Sound of Music. My favorite scenes, however, are when Maria and the Captain are dancing the Laendler and when she's explaining why she came back and he's confessing he loves her!

7) The Black Hills of Dakata. Calamity Jane. Probably one of my first favorite songs from a musical. Mom and I also love to sing this one! She may have grown intolerant of the whole movie after me watching it 90 days in a row, but, there are two or three scenes she continued to love.

8) Wells Fargo Wagon vs. Marian the Librarian vs. Shipoopi. Music Man. I love practically every song in this musical perhaps with the exception of Sadder but Wiser Girl for Me. This is without a doubt my favorite, favorite musical over all. Shipoopi is a song that I love, love, love the tune but don't really regard the words at all. I make up new words to this tune all the time. It's one of my stand-by tunes.

9) June Bride and Spring, Spring, Spring from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I love this musical! I really love the Barn Dance and Barn Raising number too.

10) I love, love, love the Elephant Love Medley and Come What May numbers from Moulin Rouge. Give me a singing Ewan McGregor any day!!!

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Kailana said...

Awesome list!!

Alex said...

Great choices.

Mariel said...

Great choices! The Elephant Medley and Come What May are works of art! And I love every song in Calamity Jane. Have to restrain myself from singing them loudly!