Thursday, August 24, 2017

There's A Pest in the Garden

There's A Pest in the Garden. Jan Thomas. 2017. HMH. 48 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Munch munch. There's a pest in the garden! He's eaten ALL the beans! Gulp. What's that PEST going to eat next? Quack? CORN! But corn is my favorite!

Premise/plot: There's a PEST in the garden. Duck and his friends can just stand by and watch as their garden disappears before their eyes. Or is there something they can do to stop the pest?! Duck has an idea--but it's an idea that comes with a price. I won't spoil how Duck "saves" the garden from the pest. I won't enter into discussion on if his save-the-garden plan is actually saving the garden either. But I will say it's FUN.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this new early reader by Jan Thomas. I do wish some of Duck's other friends were part of the series. (No cow or chicken. But the sheep, the dog, and the donkey are there). I would definitely recommend the series to families.

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