Saturday, May 12, 2018

Keep It Short #19

I read two fairy tales from The Blue Fairy Book this week.

Beauty and the Beast
First sentence: Once upon a time, in a very far-off country, there lived a merchant who had been so fortunate in all his undertakings that he was enormously rich.

Premise/plot: A man has three sons and three daughters. But of all his children, there is no one so good, so kind, so wonderful as his youngest daughter nicknamed Beauty. He faces increasing hardships, but Beauty never loses heart or hope. There comes a time when he sets out with new hope: perhaps one of his ships wasn't lost, perhaps one of his cargo ships made it home with loads of treasures, perhaps the family's fortune can be partially restored. But it's not to be. ON his way home from that disappointment, he stumbles across a magnificent castle where his every need is anticipated and every comfort given. He presumes upon his host's goodness. After all, if his host has provided him food, shelter, warmth, who would begrudge him one rose? But it's a presumption all the same. The host--a beast--demands the man give him one of his daughters. Beauty finds herself 'the one' to go.

Beauty finds the Beast to be good and kind but also persistent. Every night he proposes to her. Every night she says no. Every night she dreams of a WONDERFUL prince.

Will Beauty and the Beast find their happily ever after together?

My thoughts: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story. It is without a doubt my favorite and best fairy tale.

First sentence: Once upon a time there was a king who had many sons. I do not exactly know how many there were, but the youngest of them could not stay quietly at home, and was determined to go out into the world and try his luck, and after a long time the King was forced to give him leave to go.

Premise/plot: A prince takes a job as a giant's servant. But does the giant have good intentions? Or is his life in danger? Will he survive this adventure? Perhaps he will with the intervention of the giant's master-maid. She reveals just how to do the tasks the giant gives him. These are simple sounding tasks that are really super-dangerous and near-impossible. When the time to escape comes--and it does--he takes her with him. But will they live happily ever after?

My thoughts: I definitely liked this one. It was a new-to-me story. 

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