Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Door in the Alley (The Explorers)

The Door in the Alley. Adrienne Kress. 2017. Random House. 320 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: This story begins, like most stories do, with a pig wearing a teeny hat. And I'm sure right now you're thinking to yourself, I've read this story before. But please let me assure you that this isn't that pig in a teeny hat story you're reading, but the other one. The one you haven't read. Yet. Unless you've read this story before.

Premise/plot: Sebastian is NOT looking for adventure...or excitement. And he's especially not looking for DANGER and INTRIGUE. He likes things just-so; he has a precise way of living. Everything in his world belongs in a perfectly-perfect logical way. But he stumbles into an adventure, and that stumbling begins--you guessed it--with a pig wearing a teeny hat. There are other things that coax him into a BIG, DANGEROUS adventure. Including a girl named Evie.

Evie is not looking exactly for ADVENTURE. But she is tired of her incredibly boring and predictable existence. It wouldn't be so bad if she felt loved, wanted, accepted. But since her parents death, she's had no one. She lives at a boarding school, I believe. And she's not friends with the other boarders or the other students. Her teachers have tried coaxing her out of self-pity and into a friendship with her peers. But, alas, Evie sees no way out of her despair. But when her oh-so-ordinary weekly dinner ends in a FIRE and men chasing her... well...she finds herself in the middle of a huge adventure. Sebastian joins her on this adventure. She talks him into it. He is still most reluctant.

This is an action-packed adventure story with DRAMA and DANGER. It does end in a cliff hanger.

My thoughts: I liked it. I probably will read the second book in the series. Sebastian and Evie are pleasant to spend time with. And the Explorers Club sounds intriguing.

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