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A Wreath for Rivera

A Wreath for Rivera (Roderick Alleyn #15) Ngaio Marsh. 1949. 336 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence:  From Lady Pastern and Bagott to her niece by marriage, Miss Carlisle Wayne...

Premise/plot: Carlisle Wayne has been invited to visit by her aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Pastern and Bagott. Her eccentric uncle will be performing in a band, a jazz band, and it will be an experience. Whether it will be fun or a disaster remains to be seen. Also coming to witness the spectacle is Edward Manx, a family cousin. Lord and Lady Pastern would love for their daughter, Felicite, to marry Edward. Anyone would be preferable to her current love interest, Carlos Rivera. That love affair is a bit rocky. Or else Felicite wouldn't be writing the advice column of a local newspaper!

Lord Pastern's BIG debut does not quite go according to plan. The plan includes the firing of a gun and playacting. In actuality, a murder is committed in front of an audience. Will Roderick Alleyn and his team be able to solve the crime?

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this one! (It is the third I've read in the series. I've also read A Man Lay Dead and The Final Curtain.) I couldn't help wanting a little more however. I was intrigued by Carlisle. I felt teased by Marsh. Was Carlisle in love with Edward? Was Edward in love with Carlisle? Had they been seeing each other? How close had they gotten? Was she jealous when her cousin started flirting with Edward seemingly out of the blue? Did they work out their misunderstanding? Did they end up together? I NEED TO KNOW. As for the solving of the crime, I had two suspects in mind. I don't know that the clues definitely led to just one firm suspect. In fact, most of the clues were only given to readers AFTER the case had been solved. The detectives had an excuse for that--but it was mighty convenient for the author.

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