Friday, July 05, 2019

Oh Danny Boy (Molly Murphy #5)

Oh Danny Boy (Molly Murphy #5) Rhys Bowen. 2006. 338 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence:  There was that maniacal laughter again.

Premise/plot: Molly Murphy stars in her fifth but far from final mystery novel in Oh Danny Boy. In this one, Molly takes on her toughest case yet. Captain Daniel Sullivan is in JAIL. He's been accused of accepting bribes and arranging a prizefight. Daniel assures Molly that he is completely innocent--well mostly. Will she do what she can to clear his name? So long as it doesn't, you know, actually involve talking to anyone who might be dangerous (other police officers, mob bosses and gangsters, etc.) The case he gives her isn't exactly the case she takes up. She will clear his name no matter what. She'll use false names, go dangerous places, follow leads where they lead her.

Clearing Daniel's name isn't the ONLY thing on her mind these days. But a new friend or two helps clarify things there as well. I hope that Mrs. Goodwin sticks around for other books. This lady police officer was a delight.

My thoughts: I definitely found this to be an absorbing read. I was happy that the love triangle did not magically reappear. Though there are obstacles standing in the way of the couple's happily ever after, none of the obstacles are other love interests. 

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