Wednesday, October 30, 2019

World at War: Evil for Evil

Evil for Evil. (Billy Boyle #4) James R. Benn. 2009. 320 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: This was the Holy Land, and I had never felt so far from home.

Premise/plot: Evil for Evil is the fourth book in Benn’s historical mystery series starring former police detective Billy Boyle. In this one, “Uncle Ike” sends Billy Boyle on a dangerous mission in Northern Ireland. It will require him to ask a lot of questions—questions that could get him killed by the Red Hand or the IRA. (I think there’s another extremist group as well...) Boyle has always been sympathetic to the IRA before—growing up in an Irish Catholic community in Boston. Will seeing the extremists on both sides change his mind?! This one has a massive body count. It may be the largest body count I’ve ever encountered in a murder mystery. Will Boyle make it out of Ireland alive?

My thoughts: This one started off on the slower side—especially considering how the third one begins. But by the end it was intense and packed with action. I was surprised a time or two with this one. Kaz and Diana are absent and nearly absent respectively in this one. I missed Kaz especially. Plenty of new characters were introduced. The storytelling is still hooking me this many books into the series. I also have my mom hooked on the series.

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