Wednesday, February 12, 2020

26. When Hell Struck Twelve

When Hell Struck Twelve. (Billy Boyle #14) James R. Benn. 2019. 360 pages. [Source: Library] [adult mystery; adult fiction; adult historical; world war 2]

First sentence: The ground was a carpet of gray corpses.

Premise/plot: Billy Boyle stars in his fourteenth mystery in When Hell Struck Twelve. Big Mike, Kaz, Billy, and Diana are all in France. (Diana in Paris, still occupied by the Nazis.) Billy and friends are headed towards Paris in pursuit of a traitor and murderer who is in cahoots with the Germans. Many lives are in danger. There are murders, but Billy is not taking time to investigate and solve. He’s hunting one man and can’t let anything distract him. This one is definitely more of a war story, action-packed at that.

My thoughts: This book should have a warning. This book has NO ENDING. It just ends in a complete mess of a cliffhanger. I hate, hate, hate cliffhangers in mystery series. Mystery novels should have endings and resolutions. War stories and action series (think thrillers) maybe cliffhangers work...but I imagine most readers will want to yell at this ending.

My advice is to read this one while you have number 15 on hold or preorder.

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