Thursday, February 13, 2020

27. Promised

Promised. Leah Garriott. 2020. 368 pages. [Source: Review copy] [Proper Romance; Clean Romance; Regency Romance; Adult Fiction]

First sentence: Mrs. Hickmore shuffled our party of hopeful strangers into her lavish dining room.

Premise/plot: Margaret Brinton has lost in love before. Having decided that once was enough to last a lifetime, she vows to never fall in love again. This might make choosing a husband a tad tricky. She’s looking for a potential husband whom she could never ever love. He must be willing to marry her—for convenience. But love is off the table...or is it? Could Margaret fall in love with the pesky gentleman who keeps standing in the way of her match with a rake?! Could Lord Williams surprise her after all? Did she judge him too quickly?

My thoughts: I love, love, love Regency romances. More, more, more! I can never get enough. Especially if they are CLEAN and PROPER romances. I enjoyed Margaret’s story. If you enjoy romance—even if slightly predictable and contrived—you might enjoy this one. Here’s the thing, when it comes to romance I know exactly what I like, what I want. I don’t mind a bit of predictability and formula. I really don’t. The characters were nicely drawn. There were some very sweet scenes.

I would recommend it.

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Lark said...

I love that cover! And I don't mind a predictable plot in my Regency romance read either, not when it's written well and I like the characters. :)