Tuesday, February 18, 2020

29. The Boneshaker

The Boneshaker. Kate Milford. 2010. 372 pages. [Source: Library][YA Fiction; YA Fantasy; YA Historical; YA Supernatural]

First sentence: Strange things can happen at a crossroads.

Premise/plot: Natalie Minks stars in Kate Milford’s The Boneshaker. This one is set in a small town in Missouri in 1913. It definitely has a historical feel to it, but, it also has a supernatural gothic element to it. A battle between good and evil is coming to this town located near a crossroads...it won’t be the first or last. Natalie, our heroine, finds herself front and center for the action. Her curiosity and skepticism may just save the day.

So. Essentially this one is all about a nefarious traveling medicine show that comes to town...

My thoughts: I love, love, love this one. I do. I am not sure if this is the second or possibly the third time I have read this one. I love the writing, the atmosphere, the suspense, the characters and story. I love everything about this one.

The description doesn’t really do this one justice. 

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