Wednesday, March 18, 2020

44. Plague Land

Plague Land. (Somershill Manor Mystery #1) S.D. Sykes. 2015. 336 pages. [Source: Library] [adult fiction; historical; mystery]

First sentence: If I preserve but one memory at my own death, it shall be the burning of the dog-headed beast.

Premise/plot: Plague Land is a medieval murder mystery set in England in 1350; it has been just a year or two since the Black Plague appeared and proved devastating. Oswald DeLacy was the third son, far from succeeding his father and brother(s) to inherit land and titles. He was a monk or monk in training from the age of seven. Now he’s returned a practical stranger to his family, community, and tenants. Oswald has an estate to manage, a murder or two to solve, and possibly an older sister to save. Can he handle it?! Especially since a powerful opponent is set on blaming a mythological creature sent by satan himself for the crimes?!

My thoughts: I found it to be a super compelling read. I picked it up and didn’t want to stop. Unfortunately I had to because of the blasted time change. But the next day, I was eager to pick it right back up and find out who did it!!!

I love historical fiction. I love mysteries. I love character driven books. I definitely connected with this one. Can’t wait to continue on in the series.

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Lark said...

I love when you find a book so well-written and compelling you don't want to put down. They're the best. :)