Friday, March 27, 2020

47. The Butcher Bird

The Butcher Bird. (Somershill Manor Mystery #2) S.D. Sykes. 2015. 342 pages. [Source: Library] [adult mystery; adult historical]

First sentence: It was the tail end of the morning when the charges were laid before me and I would tell you I was tempted to laugh at first, for the story was nonsense.

Premise/plot: Oswald de Lacy is still settling into his new position as Lord of Somershill and Versey. While he’d hoped that things in the village would have calmed down, he is soon solving another murder or two. This time someone is targeting newborn babies. It’s gruesome and cruel. Can he solve the crime or will he be beguiled by a temptress?

My thoughts: I am liking this series. I like the continuation of the story and recurring characters. I am finding the plot to be more compelling than not. In fact the tension had been so strong that I have resorted to cheating with both books.

Quotes: Nothing can be counted upon in this world. Nothing at all. You might see the future as a progression of the past, but this is a fool’s notion, a delusion—for the future is as mixed up and unpredictable as a stew of leftovers. It could taste of anything. (43)

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