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41. Eve of Man

Eve of Man. Giovanna Fletcher & Tom Fletcher. 2018. 400 pages. [Source: Library] [Science Fiction; YA Science Fiction; speculative fiction; YA Romance]

First sentence: On the first day no one really noticed. Perhaps there was a chuckle among the midwives at the sight of all those babies wrapped in blue blankets, not a pink one in sight.

Premise/plot: Eve, our heroine, is a miracle. Fifty years had passed since the last girl was born. Fifty years of anxiety, panic, fear, and dread. Is humanity truly dying and doomed? Eve, by being born, became the savior or potential savior of the world. The fate of mankind rests in her womb, her becoming the mother of all.

Eve has grown up locked away in a tower, cared for by the powers that be. Her only companion is a hologram named Holly. She’s not a computer program, not exactly. She’s piloted by several teams of young men. One man being the programmer that works the hologram magic. The other that pilots. His words become her words. His facial expressions become hers. His body language, his mannerisms—hers. Eve has a way of distinguishing between them.

Bram, our hero, is Eve’s favorite Holly. It isn’t until they accidentally meet in real life, for the briefest of moments, that everything changes. His eyes, she knows those eyes. She learns his name. She begins to think of him not as Holly but as Bram. But talking to the hologram Holly requires pretense on both sides. She knows that she is to go along with the program. He knows he is to keep to the script. But can they talk to each other and keep up the lies? Both begin to question the system. Both begin to see that the powers that be are corrupt. Can they find a way out?!

My thoughts: I loved the premise. I’ve read similar premise-driven books in the past. Though in that one it was there was only one man, one Adam, if you will. But essentially both books asked if there was any room for love, for family, when the fate of the world rested on your reproductive system.

I thought the relationship between Eve and Bram was great. Definitely kept me reading. All my questions weren’t answered but I am hoping there is a sequel.

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