Friday, February 26, 2021

Movie Review: The Dig

The Dig (2021)
Simon Stone (director)
Starring: Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James, Johnny Flynn, Ben Chaplin, Ken Scott, etc.

The Dig is based on John Preston's novel of the same name. It released in January 2021. I had some interest in watching this one because I do enjoy period dramas. I didn't know--before I started--that this one was set at the dawn of the Second World War. (1939)

So it's based on a true story--though I'm guessing liberties have been taken. Edith Pretty (our heroine) has hired Basil Brown (our hero) to excavate several large burial mounds on her property. She has a feeling that they could uncover something interesting/wonderful. Though little expect to find such TREASURE. There are many, many, many obstacles to be overcome in the film. 

I found The Dig to be a slower-paced, character-driven thoughtful film. Not that there aren't moments of action--though to mention them here and now would be to spoil things a little bit. 

I found the film to have a heaviness about it. Almost like reading the book of Ecclesiastes, or as my Dad calls it the depressing book that starts with an "E."

It's a grave film--perhaps I've been watching too much Muppet Show. I would say it dances with being a meaning of life film. But I would say that unlike the book of Ecclesiastes it doesn't really offer any answers. (Not that Ecclesiastes is great at that.)

I would say my biggest issue with the film is that it throws in a romance for the fun of it. I am NOT talking about a romance between the hero and heroine. I am referring to an adulterous romance--that was not based in reality, remember many of these characters are real people--between Rory (a fictional cousin and photographer) and Peggy Piggott (a real archaeologist). Not every film needs to have sex scenes and "romance."


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