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54. Major Impossible

Major Impossible. (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #9) Nathan Hale. 2019. 128 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: I've been on this gallows long enough! It is time to execute this spy! 

Premise/plot: The provost and hangman are joined by an eavesdropper leavesdropper, Bill Richmond, in Major Impossible. Nathan Hale, our hero, talks his way out of execution and straight into another tale. This time he's telling the hazardous tale of John Wesley Powell and company as they explore the Colorado River and (discover?) explore the Grand Canyon. There were ten that set out to explore on this expedition. (But how many would make it to the end?)

This story also uses flashbacks--which definitely annoy the hangman, especially at first.

The adventures mainly focus on the "present day" (1869) exploration of the river/canyon AND through the flashbacks events like the civil war.

For those not at all familiar with Nathan Hale and his hazardous tales, the series is a graphic novel series rooted in history. Nathan Hale, our hero, is facing execution by the British in 1776. He's prolonging his would-be execution by telling tales from history. Though to the provost and hangman, these "historical" events are from the future. He's an entertaining storyteller and he always leaves them wanting more, more, more.

The graphic novels aren't without some lighthearted moments (though perhaps the one on the Donner Party is an exception). In this one, some humor comes in as one of the adventurers lose all their clothes but their long john underwear.

My thoughts: I am not the target audience of this one, not really. That's a given. My complaint--really my sole complaint--is that the font size is teeny-tiny. I have to squint my way through the whole book. Seriously hard on the eyes. BUT again I am not the target audience. I do think younger readers--with better vision--will not have a problem reading and enjoying this one.

I have nothing but solidly good feelings about the series as a whole. I really do enjoy sitting down and enjoying Nathan Hale's hazardous tales. I think the series is super fun. I like learning about different historical figures in a fun and entertaining way.

I'm not sure this one is my absolute favorite and best from the series. But I definitely enjoyed it as part of the whole. I do recommend the whole series.

I do think you could read the series out of order.

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