Thursday, November 19, 2009

Colonel Brandon's Diary

Grange, Amanda. 2008. Colonel Brandon's Diary. Penguin. 295 pages.

I thought the holidays would never arrive, but I am on my way home at last.

I'm not the biggest fan of Sense and Sensibility. (Though I'd rate it higher than Emma and Mansfield Park.) But I really loved Amanda Grange's Colonel Brandon's Diary. I really loved Colonel Brandon. It was such a relief after reading the oh-so-disappointing Willoughby's Return. But finally here was Colonel Brandon as lovable and as right as he should be.

This one begins decades before Sense & Sensibility. The year is 1778 and the focus is on Colonel Brandon's first love, his first attachment, to a young woman, the ward of his father, Eliza, a woman forced into marriage against her will, a marriage to Colonel Brandon's worthless (though older) brother. We follow Brandon through the years until finally he gets a second chance at love, true love when he meets the Dashwood sisters.

For the most part, I think this one works really really well. There were a few scenes now and then that I thought the book lost a little perspective. Where I questioned Colonel Brandon's perspective. A couple of places where I'm not sure he would really have an insider's behind-the-scenes view of what was going on. But for the most part, I thought it was just about perfect.

I couldn't put this one down. I just loved reading it. I definitely recommend it.

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Susan B. Evans 9:25 AM  

I am a BIG Sense and Sensibility fan, and this book has been on my tbr list for a long time! I'm glad you liked it - I'll probably be picking it up soon :)

Anonymous,  12:45 PM  

Oh, I'm so glad to hear it! I was hoping it would turn out to be good - I've got "Mr Darcy's Diary" on my reading-list, and hope to get the other gentlemen's diaries as well. :) L.

Kristen howe 7:10 PM  

This sounds like it's a nice novel to read. I keep it in consideration for 2011.

Stephanie 4:00 AM  

I own this but I haven't read it yet. Brandon's not one of my favorite heroes (Mr Knightley-woot!) but I've enjoyed the other two I've read in this series and he has such an interesting backstory with Eliza and all. I'm definitely going to read this later this year.

Amy 5:59 AM  

I love Sense & Sensibility! This is getting added to the TBR list. Colonel Brandon is one my favorite characters and I always wanted to know more about him.

Natasha 9:30 AM  

review the musings of a prolific undergrad:

Shannon 12:15 PM  

Colonel Brandon is one of my favorite Austen characters. I love the "diary" series by Amanda Grange. I think Mr Darcy's Diary is my favorite one, but I really liked this one, too.

Serena 9:16 AM  

this sounds like another one I should be reading.

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