Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventures

Camping: A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure. Keith Baker. Green Light Readers: Level 2. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2002/2012. 24 pages. 

It was Saturday morning. It was sunny, and it was hot. "Let's go camping," said Mrs. Green. Mr. Green had never been camping. He was excited. Life with Mrs. Green was full of adventure.

I really, really enjoyed this Mr. and Mrs. Green adventure. The two are preparing for a camping trip. They have a long, long list of things that they "need" to take. Both are excited--very excited to have an adventure. But as the adventure gets started, Mr. Green shows some signs of uneasiness. He doesn't want to camp too far away from home, it seems. Mrs. Green has just the thing!

Cookies: A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure. Keith Baker. Green Light Readers: Level 2. 2002/2012. 24 pages.

Mr. Green woke up from his nap. He smelled cookies, freshly baked cookies. He followed his nose. (He had a big nose--it was easy to follow.)

I just loved, loved, loved Keith Baker's Cookies starring Mr. and Mrs. Green. One day when Mrs. Green is out shopping, Mr. Green discovers a note and some cookies. The note reads, "These are terri-ble! Do not eat." The cookies look good. The cookies smell good. And Mrs. Green always, always makes delicious cookies, so why are these cookies so terri-ble. He decides to eat them one by one by one by one to see if he can find out why. The cookies ARE great. He LOVES the cookies--they're absolutely perfect. Mrs. Green arrives at home to explain the mix-up! He only read half the note!!!

This is a super-fun book that I just loved and adored!

These two Mr. and Mrs. Green early readers were published in early August 2012. Two more early reader adventures will be published in October 2012! The Talent Show: A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure and Fishing: A Mr. and Mrs. Green Adventure.

Read Mr. and Mrs. Green
  • If you enjoy funny early readers (like Frog & Toad and Elephant and Piggie)
  • If you like alligators!
  • If you like cookies OR camping 

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