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Mothership (YA)

Mothership: Book One of the Ever-Expanding Universe. Martin Leicht and Isla Neal. 2012. Simon & Schuster. 320 pages.

As far as scientists have been able to determine, the primary function of the human coccyx, or tailbone, is to remind us that once upon a time we were all monkeys or something. But I happen to know that it can still serve a useful purpose. Say, for example, that a pregnant teenager three weeks from her due date, who weighs, oh, approximately 145 pounds (lay off, all right? The baby loves ice cream), were shoved down forcefully on a Treadtrack in gym class by a bitchy cheerleader. 

 Our heroine, Elvie Nara, is one of many students attending a special high school for pregnant teens. The school is in space--a space cruiser in Earth's orbit. When her father enrolled her, she had no idea that Britta McVicker would also be there. The hate is mutual. Their due dates are only weeks apart--and for better or worse--their babies will be siblings. Of course, Elvie isn't sure if Britta is aware of that little fact. The thought repulses Elvie actually. Despite the opening paragraph, Elvie rarely thinks in terms of carrying 'a baby.' An "it" or "goober" at best. Elvie definitely has no intention at all of ever, ever, ever feeling maternal.

On the day of the incident when Elvie is alone and eating ice cream, the ship--cruiser--is attacked by another ship. And thus the scare begins, Elvie racing to join the other girls--hoping to stay ahead of the mysterious gunned invaders. She meets a few other girls on the way, and convinces them to join her in her flight. But what she witnesses's almost unbelievable. For she witnesses her teachers drowning her classmates. And then one of the invaders tells her that her teachers were in fact evil aliens. And he should know, because, he is an alien too....

Is there any part of Mothership that isn't over-the-top? I'm not sure that there is. I would say that this one should please fans of Bumped and/or Beauty Queens. The narrator, Elvie, is full of snark. (For those that require clean reads--look elsewhere.) And the book is about as believable as Earth Girls Are Easy. The novel is set in the future--2074.

The story is revealed in alternating chapters--jumping between the present (on board the spaceship) and the past (in the months and weeks leading up to her pregnancy). Ducky, her best, best friend is a big part of these flashbacks.

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Read Mothership
  • If you like silly, over-the-top, funny adventures that require a suspension of disbelief
  • If you like snarky narrators
  • If you're looking for aliens in your YA

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Kailana said...

This looks like it could be fun. A very bright cover!

Sherry said...

Since I hated Bumped, I think I'll skip this one.