Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Robin Hood, Season 1

I recently watched the first season of the BBC Robin Hood series. While I didn't exactly LOVE it, I did find it compelling enough to keep watching. I'm not sure when I'll try to watch the rest of the series. But at some point, I probably will go back to the show. I like quite a few things about the show. For one, it has Richard Armitage.  He plays Guy of Gisbourne. I like the action, in many ways. Though it doesn't really compare to Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. Much (played by Sam Troughton) was probably my favorite character overall. I enjoyed him even more than Robin Hood (played by Jonas Armstrong). In some ways the show does improve after the initial episodes, in other ways, however, I thought the show declined. There was definitely promise and potential. Overall, I liked the basic idea of the series, but individual episodes disappointed or frustrated me. The costume design definitely disappointed me.

Have you seen this series? Did you like it? Should I watch season 2?

Watch Robin Hood, the BBC series
  • If you enjoy the story/legend of Robin Hood and don't mind modern changes to the story (dialogue, costumes, stories and plot twists)
  • If you enjoy BBC dramas
  • If you enjoy action with a little bit of romance
  • If you enjoy action, adventure stories. Lots of chasing, fighting, escaping, etc.

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Kailana 10:41 AM  

I have heard mixed ideas about this series. It is on my list to watch one day...

Suey 2:08 PM  

LOVED it! Yes keep watching. You will love Robin through and through (though I do love Much too!) by the end. You will love Guy too. :)

JaneGS 5:49 PM  

I enjoyed the first two seasons of RH but didn't like the 3rd at all, and stopped watching it at that point. RA stole the show, imo, and his character is wonderful to watch. It's campy, horribly anachronistic, but loads of fun.


Anonymous,  6:01 PM  

I have only watched the first two episodes, but like it so far. I went to the IMDB website to check out more information, and found to my dismay that a link there gave away major, major spoiler info. So if you don't want to find out ahead of time, don't read any articles that talk about when the show was cancelled--wish I hadn't. Still planning to watch more episodes anyway...

Tasha B. 8:06 PM  

I thought it got better in season 2, but season 3 was redic.

SheepLovegoodTea 8:49 AM  

I stopped after season 2 too. I loved this series of Robin Hood and quite liked the modern twists. Marion was one of my favourite characters and I too loved Much. I also found it quite easy watching, you could curl up with a cup of tea at the end of the day and just chill out with everyone else doing the running and the chasing :)

Amanda 5:47 PM  

I watched this show a bit too. I enjoyed Richard Armitage because, well, I always love his stuff. But while Jonas Armstrong is a cute guy, he's just not what I thought of as Robin Hood. Too young. And I couldn't stand Mariam. There's a point in the series that I just stopped watching. I won't tell you why in case you continue to watch the series.

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