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Hannah and the Best Father of Route 9W (MG)

Hannah and the Best Father of Route 9W. Mindy Warshaw Skolsky. 1982. Harper & Row. 122 pages.

Hannah sat in her secret place at the top of the mountain and looked down at the Hudson River. Her dog Skippy sat beside her. 

I have not read Mindy Warshaw Skolsky's Hannah series in order, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying each and every one. My favorite is still Love From Your Friend, Hannah. I've also read Hannah Is A Palindrome. My most recent read is Hannah and the Best Father of Route 9W.

I love Hannah, I do. In this book, Hannah and her Dad are in similar situations. Her Dad is super-excited but still quite anxious. He has spent a lot of time repainting the Grand View restaurant. He's spent a lot of time painting shingles blue and yellow. He's got a whole theme going, and he's really hoping that the judges will love it too. For he wants to win the most attractive restaurant on Route 9W certificate. Sure, he's happy to have been awarded the cleanest restaurant last year, but this year he wants to win in the category he wants to win in. Hannah's just as excited and anxious as her father is about the judging, but, she's also excited about a dog show at the local movie theater. When things don't go as planned for this father and daughter, well, life lessons are learned and ice cream is eaten!

This book also features a visiting Aunt Becky who has brought her knitting needles and guess-whats for the entire family! Readers also learn that Aunt Becky loves opera. Hannah's father loves it too--but not in quite the same way. Hannah is NOT a fan, she'd rather listen to Let's Pretend on the radio.

Curious about Let's Pretend, you can listen online to some of the programs! The episode in this novel is 12 Dancing Princesses. Having listened to it, I can see why it is her favorite episode!

I loved Hannah. I loved her parents. I loved Aunt Becky. I loved how the book shows how each family member deals with stress, frustration, anxiety, and disappointment. The characterization is great in these books. I also love the historical detail.

Read Hannah and the Best Father of Route 9W
  • If you are looking for a great heroine to love; read any of the Hannah books
  • If you are a fan of Mindy Warshaw Skolsky
  • If you like historical children's books set in the early-to-mid 1930s

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