Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Beautiful Lies (YA)

Beautiful Lies. Jessica Warman. 2012. Walker. 422 pages.

It's one of those cool, crisp fall nights that make you feel like the air is ripe with possibility, like anything could happen. From where we stand on the jogging trail, my sister and I can see the whole city stretching out around us.

Rachel and Alice are identical twins. No one--not even their guardians--can tell these two apart, at least not without some help. One twin likes to wear make-up, the other not so much. There are also perhaps slight differences in wardrobe choices--but--for the most part the twins can at any given time switch places with one another and not get caught. Alice is the "bad" twin, the rebel, the artist, the rule-breaker. Rachel is the "good" twin, always trustworthy, honest, and good.

One night both twins go to a carnival in town. Only one twin makes it home...

Beautiful Lies is a dark novel. Think Lovely Bones. Think Living Dead Girl. The narration is by one of the twins--the one who is not missing. It's very personal, messy, frantic. I could say more, of course, but I don't want to spoil this one.

For readers who enjoy mystery and suspense novels, this one may be one to pick up.

Read Beautiful Lies
  • If you like dark thrillers, suspense novels
  • If you like mysteries (there are plenty of clues to help you solve this one)
  • If you like unreliable narrators  
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