Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Perry Mason, Season 1

While I've always enjoyed the occasional episode of Perry Mason, this summer I decided to watch the entire first season of Perry Mason--all thirty-nine episodes! It was WONDERFUL treat for me. And just what I needed after spending so many weeks with Jane Eyre! I enjoy many things about the show. I love the mysteries; I love trying to guess who really did it. I love the characters and the relationships, particularly the teasing banter. It is great to see Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger in the courtroom! And I've always enjoyed Lieutenant Arthur Tragg too.

What I've come to love are the small things, the little details, of each episode that make it unique. So even though it might be tempting to say that all episodes are the same, I'm not sure that is really true. (But even if it is true, it wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially in the case of Perry Mason.) To me the judge of a "good" show or a "great" show is how it does with repeated viewings. Any show can entertain once or once in a while, but to stay interesting no matter if it's your first time or your fifth time, that's what counts.

Watch Perry Mason
  • If you like mysteries and murder mysteries
  • If you enjoy courtroom dramas
  • If you enjoy classic TV shows

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