Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Return to Me

Return to Me is one of my favorite feel-good films. It's definitely an emotional film, I won't lie. The beginning, oh the beginning, it gets me every time. But it's a hopeful healing film, the kind that values family and friendship and living life to the fullest and making the most of your life.  I love the relationships in this one, I do, the friendships, the sense of community, of belonging. I love how easily Bob is accepted into the group, and how Bob does treasure these new relationships. And I absolutely adore the courtship of Grace and Bob, I do. It is magical and giddy-making. I love almost all of the characters--or at least the characters we're meant to care about. (I wasn't so fond of "water-lady"). It has its dramatic moments, of course, but it also has its humorous ones. And there are just some scenes that are WONDERFUL. (I love the bowling scene, for example, also the scene with "At Long Last Love." Well, I love most scenes.) If I could change just one little thing in this one, it would be some of the language in the film. Still there is enough in this film that makes it more than worthwhile. I just love it!!!

Have you seen it? Did you like it?

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Bethany said...

Not like, love - just like you do. And I also love "while you were sleeping."

Sunayna Prasad's blogs said...

I like middle grade fiction too, and I'm in college. Keep up the good reading.

Amanda said...

Aww I love this movie too. The beginning makes me cry too. I love the old group of men who are basically her cheerleaders. And the Dean Martin song. Sigh. Good pick.