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Love's Reckoning

Love's Reckoning. Laura Frantz. 2012. Revell. 432 pages.

York County, Pennsylvania
December 1784
'Twas time for his daughters to wed, Papa said.

I cheered for Eden Lee from the very beginning, but it was an anxious cheering for the most part. At first I thought my feelings were a mess because I wasn't liking it, but then I realized that was far from true. It was because I cared that I was so tense and anxious. I had such strong feelings about the characters. In the case of our hero and heroine (Silas and Eden) it was LOVE. Frantz has yet to write a hero that I didn't love and adore! In the case of Eden's family, well a blend of hate, disgust, and distrust. All of the characters were human--that is they were all flawed, with strengths and weaknesses. None of the characters were flat or unbelievable. And the tension in this novel was amazing--I thought.

The basic plot is that Liege Lee (the father) is determined that one of his two daughters (Elspeth or Eden) will marry the new apprentice, Silas Ballantyne. If his oldest daughter gives birth before his arrival, then she will be the lucky one to get a husband, but, if he arrives early, then Eden will have him after all. Elspeth delivers just in time to "get" him, but Silas isn't wanting to be got. He did NOT plan on an arranged marriage. Though if he had to choose between the two, Eden, is the one. He does get the chance to spend time with each sister, and a chance to know which sister is sincere.

I loved the writing, the characters, everything!!! I would definitely recommend this one!

Read Love's Reckoning
  • If you enjoy historical fiction or historical romance
  • Especially if you enjoy books set in America during the 1780s and 1790s
  • If you're a fan of Laura Frantz
  • If you like romances with Scottish heroes
  • If you enjoy clean reads or christian fiction

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