Friday, September 14, 2012

Sisters of Glass (YA)

Sisters of Glass. Stephanie Hemphill. 2012. Random House. 160 pages.

I feel Giovanna's fire 
as Mother prepares me for suitors,
polishes me
while Giovanna polishes glass. 

Sisters of Glass is a historical novel told in verse. It is the story of two sisters struggling to find happiness. The second daughter, Maria, if she follows her father's wishes and the terms of his will, is to marry nobility. Maria knows her older sister, Giovanna, begrudges her this so-called privilege. But what can she do? Doesn't she owe it to her father's memory to marry well? Doesn't she owe it to her mother, her sister, her brothers, her uncle? As a sign of respect and duty. So she goes along with the training, the preparation, the new rules. But is she happy about the situation? Not really. The family meets with several potential suitors before finally agreeing on a match with Andrea Bembo. The family visits Venice several times during this engagement. Giovanna seems more thrilled with Venice, with Andrea, than Maria.

And then there's Luca, a glassblower, who works for the family, who has just become a partner in the second fornica. She loves sneaking out to visit with him, to watch quietly as he works, to discuss his work, his art. She misses being involved in the work, in being a part of the family business. She misses helping, misses watching art happen.

Can "true love" find a way for both girls to be happy?

Read Sisters of Glass
  • If you enjoy historical fiction
  • If you enjoy historical romance
  • If you enjoy verse novels
  • If you enjoy books set in Italy

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