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Two Bink and Gollie

Bink & Gollie. Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee. Illustrated by Tony Fucile. 2010. [September 2010] Candlewick Press. 96 pages.  

"Hello, Gollie," said Bink.
"What should we do today?"
"Greetings, Bink," said Gollie.
"I long for speed."
"Let's roller-skate!"

This chapter book contains three stories starring two friends: "Don't You Need a New Pair of Socks," "P.S. I'll Be Back Soon," and "Give a Fish A Home." I liked the two friends--one very short, one very tall--almost from the start. But while I like the characters, none of the stories really wowed me. The first story, "Don't You Need A New Pair of Socks" comes closest, perhaps. In this adventure, Bink discovers super-super bright socks at a bargain price. She loves her new socks so, so much. Gollie, however, is not a fan. At all. Bink later wants pancakes, Gollie, is happy to oblige, if and only if, Bink removes her offensively obnoxious oh-so-bright socks. Bink is hungry, very, very hungry, but she LOVES her socks. What is needed is a compromise, Bink removes one of her socks so she can have half a plate of pancakes. The second story is about wanting some alone-time. The third story is about a fish. The third story was probably my least favorite.

I did like the characters. I liked the friendship. I liked seeing the two contrasting personalities find ways to make it work.

 Bink and Gollie: Two for One. Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee. Illustrated by Tony Fucile. 2012. [June 2012] Candlewick Press, 96 pages.

Bink and Gollie are back for three more stories: "Whack a Duck," "You're Special, Aren't You?" and "Without Question." All three stories are set at a carnival or fair. In the first story, the poor man at the "Whack a Duck" booth gets more abuse than he bargained for. Poor Bink has terrible aim. She doesn't mean to keep hitting him with the ball--she really doesn't. But she WANTS to win the world's largest donut. In the second story, Gollie gets stage fright when she enters a talent show. In the third story, the two girls visit a fortune teller and hear about how they are going to be great friends always.

I definitely like the two characters Bink and Gollie. I like the characters more than I like the actual stories. Though the writing is good, I like some of the phrasing, for example.

"Whack something?" said the duck man.
"Win something?"
"I fear this can only end in tragedy," said Gollie.
"Did I win?" said Bink.
"Oh, Bink," said Gollie. "There are no winners here."
"Don't worry, Bink," said Gollie. "I'm sure the Whack-a-Duck man will be just fine."
"But I've never seen a grown man cry before," said Bink.
"Three bags of donuts, please," said Bink.
"I didn't win," said Bink.
"But we're all still alive," said Gollie.
"Duck a whack," said the duck man. "Step right up."
Read Bink & Gollie
  • If you like Kate DiCamillo
  • If you are looking for new early readers/chapter books to share with young readers
  • If you are looking for stories that emphasize friendship
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Julie Chicklitasaurus 6:29 PM  

I would really like to read these stories and see what they're about! Love the names. And I love children's books that have short stories. Sometimes kids need that length of a story. Thanks for sharing! xo

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