Thursday, November 29, 2012

Steven Robert's Short Stories

Christmas on Deery Street. Steven Roberts. 2006. 100 pages.

I enjoyed rereading Christmas on Deery Street & Other Seasonal Stories. It is a holiday short story collection featuring a handful of stories including, "Christmas on Deery Street," "Nanny's Locket," "Magic Socks," "The Angel of Union Station," "Our Star," and "You've Done Enough." I first read this collection in 2007. The story that has stayed with me for years is "The Angel of Union Station." I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that story! But it isn't the only 'good' story in the collection. I also enjoyed several other stories. The stories feature very real, very human characters. I'd definitely recommend this collection...even to readers who don't typically like short stories. If characters matter to you, then this one may be just right for you.

While Shepherds Watched: Stories of Christmas Miracles and Mysteries by Steven Roberts. 2007. 165 pages.

This one features the stories: "Gabriel's Trumpet," "Peace in the Valley," "Miracle in the Clearing," "The Madam and the Paperboy," "Transforming Christmas," and "Full Circle." "Gabriel's Trumpet" is the story that stayed with me the most. It just features some very memorable characters and scenes!!! I also found "The Madam and the Paperboy" and "Transforming Christmas" to be quite lovely. I love the emotional depth of these stories.

Read Christmas on Deery Street and/or While Shepherds Watched
  • If you enjoy short stories
  • If you don't usually read short stories, but, you've always wanted to like reading short stories
  • If you enjoy holiday-themed stories
  • If you like character-driven stories
  • If you like feel-good fiction 
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Barbara H. 4:09 PM  

These sound very interesting! I don't read short stories much but December seems like a good month for them.

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