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Rereading Divergent (Again)

Divergent. Veronica Roth. 2011. May 2011. HarperCollins. 496 pages. [Source: Library]

There is one mirror in my house. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair. It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. 

If you noticed that this is my third time to review this book, you might guess how much I love, love, love this one. (My second review; my first review).

Factions are everything in Divergent; and there are five factions that make up the community: Abnegation values selflessness above all else; Amity values peace above all else; Candor values honesty above all else; the Erudite values knowledge above all else; Dauntless values courage above all else. Beatrice (Tris), our heroine, was born Abnegation, but she doesn't feel good enough for the faction. For, the truth is that she has selfish thoughts and desires. She's not exactly sure she could spend her whole life wearing gray, serving others, and blending into the background. Her test reveals something shocking--perhaps not shocking to readers, but certainly to her community IF it were to become known--she has aptitude for not one faction, but THREE. The simulation tests are supposed to show THE ONE place a person belongs. Beatrice's results make her Divergent. So when it comes time for Beatrice to choose--along with all the other of age teens--she has quite a decision to make. Should she remain in her own faction, keep her old friends, live the life that is perhaps expected of her? Any other choice essentially would divide her from her parents and keep them separated the rest of her life. Should she choose Erudite? No, that's not even a temptation. She knows that would be a mistake. Should she choose Dauntless? Part of her wants to risk it all and go with the unknown. Life with the Dauntless would be a complete change, offer a life of surprises, risks and dangers too.

Most of Divergent focuses on the initiation process, Tris' training as Dauntless. Readers get a chance to meet other transfers and other Dauntless-born initiates. It is a fierce competition. It is during this intense time that Tris meets Four. And meeting Four, well, it seems almost as life-changing as finding out her brain is different from everyone else's...

I absolutely love Four and Tris! I love them individually and as a couple. I love the characterization. I love the action, the drama, the suspense.

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Denise 9:39 AM  

How fun! I just bought the book,now to go back and read Your review ; )

Cleo Li-Schwartz 5:29 PM  

I just reread this book for the third time too, in preparation for Allegiant's release.

Denise 8:46 AM  

I have a question Becky.Even though I bought it,I haven't read it.I was wondering if it was good for a 17 year old boy? My Grandson is an avid reader,loved the Hobbit.Reads in all His spare time.Is this book more for Young adult girls ? Thank You Denise

Brittanie 7:23 PM  

I love this series too. I just started rereading them too. Can't wait for book three!

Melissa (Avid Reader) 10:07 AM  

I hopped on the bandwagon so late but I'm glad I did! I just read Divergent and Insurgent for the first time and loved them!

SethH 12:22 AM  

As we seem to read a lot of the same kinds of books, I'm going to take this as a strong recommendation to check out this series.

Becky 4:44 PM  

Denise: Divergent is not purely romance. The romance is there, it's true, similar to the Hunger Games trilogy EXCEPT no annoying love triangle :) There is a good bit of action, a good bit of world-building, a bit of mystery that only increases with the second book. It's not just a romance book. But if romance is something that he AVOIDS completely, then even a little romance could be too much. I am drawn to Divergent, the same way I was drawn to Alias, the TV show.

Becky 4:46 PM  

Seth, I enjoy dystopia and postapocalyptic novels, and this is one of the best. I truly loved Divergent SO MUCH MORE than The Hunger Games. (It helped that there wasn't an annoying love triangle.) I hope you enjoy!

I'm glad I'm not the only one rereading these books in anticipation of the third book!!!

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