Saturday, November 03, 2007

Among the Free

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. 2006. Among the free.

This is the final title I'm going to have time to squeeze in most likely for the Dystopian fiction challenge. (It ends November 6th). This is the the last in the Shadow Children series, I believe. The narrator is Luke who has been our on again off again narrator for the series. (For the most part, I think the changing narratives works.) Luke is working undercover for the Population Police. (Really, he's just hoping that he and his friends can sabotage the bad guys in enough little ways that they won't have to have a planned, detailed offensive strike.) Life isn't easy for Luke. It never has been. He's still haunted by the loss of his first friend who 'sacrificed' her life for third children everywhere by making a stand and calling for action. The day for action may have finally come citizens everywhere...throughout the land...begin to rebel against the Population Police. This book is exciting with plenty of thrills and twists along the way. Will Luke ever be safe? Can he ever be proud to be third?

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