Friday, November 23, 2007

Poetry Friday: Magic of the Ink

"Magic of the Ink" is an original poem. I wrote it in the Fall of 1997. I was in a very *poetical* stage in my life. I kept a notebook with me at all times. (It helped that there was a poetry journal published at my college campus. ) Sadly, this stage didn't last long past graduation. But this one is one of my favorites and best.

Magic of the Ink
by Becky Laney

Furiously she scribbles
on a blank page
pouring out her soul,
as she hears the voices that
tell her what to write.
Continually she rushes on
anxious to see the finished work.
As time goes on,
she forgets everything but
the sound of the pen on the page.
She is lost in the magic of the ink.
The magic of the ink
draws her on and on
into the dream.
The dream that haunts her
day and night.
When she writes,
She writes for her soul.
She hears the call,
And answers with the ink.
The magic of the ink
keeps her going.
The magic of the ink
fulfills her anguish.

Poetry Friday roundup is at Susan Writes.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the magic of the ink.

And I love Charlie and Lola, "Snow is my Favorite and my Best", to which I'm not certain you meant to refer.

Becky said...

Yes, Kelly, I love Charlie and Lola. And "my favorite and my best" is now a part of my daily vocabulary. :)

Erin said...

Beautiful poem--really great!