Saturday, November 24, 2007


Gaiman, Neil. 2007. Interworld.

It would have been hard for me not to enjoy Interworld by Neil Gaiman. It's science fiction. It's alternate realities. It's other dimensions. It's Neil Gaiman. Take any one of those, and there's a good chance I'll enjoy...but all of them...and it would be impossible for me not to.

Joey Harker is our teen hero. He's directionally challenged in the real world, but he's about to go where few have gone before--walking between worlds, walking between realities. And at this--directionally challenged or not--he excels. This "gift" makes him a valuable asset to both the good guys and the bad guys. And this "gift" may just cost him his life in a war he never expected to fight.

First line: Once I got lost in my own house.

When Joey and his classmates are turned loose on the streets in an experiment for his Social Studies class and told to find their way to a certain place by a certain time, Joey's sense of direction will be tested like never before. The class is paired up--maybe in twos or threes I don't remember the exact number--but Joey's partner, not so lucky. When Joey gets lost, he sets off on his own--telling his partner that he'll be back in a minute or two. He doesn't return...not for thirty-six hours. And when he does return he has amnesia. He has no idea of what happened while he was missing. Though, of course, the reader does.

Interworld is an exciting, action-packed adventure.


chrisa511 said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) I did too. It wasn't up to Gaiman's normal caliber in my opinion, but it was still a wonderul story. And I LOVED Hue, the little mudluff (is that what it was called? The little bubble thing?)I can't wait for The Graveyard's the next YA novel that he's working on and I think it's expected to be released in August 08. He's also finished a book that's being released only in the UK for World Book Day called Odd and the Frost Giants that comes out in March, but of course I'm sending for it overseas :p It only costs 1 pound!

Dewey said...

Ooh! I am a brand-new Gaiman fan, so this is going on my wishlist.