Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inklings Mini-Challenge


The Inklings Challenge

January 2008-December 2008

Options: Read two C.S. Lewis books (fiction or nonfiction) and/or watch films based on his life or his works. In addition, read two books by J.R.R. Tolkien and/or watch films based on his works. Biographies of the two men would also work. Also reading the two books by James A. Owen that feature these two as fictional characters would work. The books are Here There Be Dragons and Search for Red Dragon.

Exceptions: If you're interested in reading one but not both of the authors (say Lewis but no Tolkien OR Tolkien but no Lewis), I'm willing to allow a few substitutions. One exception, as noted above, is to read the two books by James A. Owen. I've read the first one and loved it. The second one is coming out in January. They're YA books, and they read really quickly. But there is a second option. The challenge is to read 4 books. So if you like you may read 4 books by Tolkien OR 4 Books by C.S. Lewis.

These exceptions weren't noted in the first post I had written about the challenge. But I've heard feedback saying, "if only"... and... "but"... more than a few there you have it the new and revised rules of the Inklings Challenge.

To sign up for this challenge post a comment to this posting OR post a comment to the original posting. You may join this challenge late. I don't see any reason why it couldn't remain open for newcomers to join until September or October 2008.


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Nan said...

Oh, Becky, have you read The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter? Here's my review from five years back.

The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter 1978 A (and maybe even A+)
The Inklings were a group of men at Oxford, who met a couple times a
week, and read their work, or discussed the world. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R.
Tolkien, and Charles Williams were the core. Others came and went.
This book spends more time on Lewis and Williams than on Tolkien, but I
think this is because the author has already done a biography of T.
Carpenter is one of the very best biographers I have ever read. He
brings these brilliant men to life. I haven't read any of the writers'
works, but am fascinated by the men themselves; by their lives,
thoughts, conversations. Even when I wasn't much interested in a
person, like Williams, the writing was still so good that it held me.

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the challenge! My list is posted here:

Unknown said...

I have been putting off joining any more challenges this year, but this one has been tempting me for some time now. I have at least one Tolkien book to read this year and the YA books you mentioned sound really fun. I also have a book by Professor Ronald Hutton I hope to read soon that is about both authors. Count me in, I will see what I get around to reading during the year.

Suzanne said...

Me too please.

Steve Hayes said...

Wot! No Charles Williams?

Im wondering if there is anybody interested in doing a synchroblog on their favourite passages from the Inklings.

Lenneth said...


I'm a bit late, but could you please add me? I can't possibly pass this challenge up. :)

Lenneth said...

Oops, forgot my info. My list is here:

If Splintered Light doesn't count as a biography, let me know and I'll choose something else. :) I just happen to have it on hand.