Friday, November 09, 2007

Jane Austen Mini-Challenge

Here are the participants for the Jane Austen Mini-Challenge.

(The original post announcing it is here. The goal of this challenge is to read and/or watch at least two Jane Austen novels/movies in 2008. Masterpiece Theatre is showing all 6 movies in the 2008 season. I am going to be aiming for all 6. But if you want to just watch two movies and blog about them, that is fine too. It would still be participating. For those that may not get PBS, rent (or buy) two Austen movies--any version--and you'll still qualify as a participant. Want to read an Austen biography as a substitute for one of the novels, go for it. Or watch Becoming Jane as a substitute for one of the movies. I'll allow it. Just read two Austen-related books. OR watch two Austen-related movies. You can always read more or watch more. What about audio books? Sure. Listening would count as well. Whatever you want. It's supposed to be fun.

It is not too late to join in on this one. It officially starts in January. But I won't be rigid with the sign up date or anything :) When you sign up either at this post or on the original, I'll add you to the list.

Chris from Stuff As Dreams Are Made On...
Ex Libris
Michelle (3M) from 1MoreChapter
Debi from Nothing Of Importance
Stephanie from Stephanie's Confession of a Bookaholic
Pattie from FreshBrewedWriter
Melissa from Book Nut
Debbi from My Reading Spot (? She didn't specify if she was joining the Austen and the Tolkien or just the Tolkien ?)
Ladytink_534 from The Movieholic & Bibliophile's Blog (She was one that was on the fence, but considering it...)
Kate (didn't specify if it was Austen and Tolkien both or just one of the two...unless I hear otherwise...I'm assuming she's in for the Austen)
Gautami Tripathy from My Own Reading Room
Angliophile Football Fanatic
Susan from Susan Loves To Read
Alisonwonderland from So Many Books, So Little Time
Curiouser and Curiouser
Webster Twelb
Chris from Book-a-rama
Historia from BiblioHistoria
Journey From An Inquiring Mind
Kirsten from Nose in A Book
nsr (?)
Full time in NM


chrisa511 said...

Love the button you made for this one! Great job ;)

Becky said...

Melissa made the button for this one. :)

chrisa511 said...

Great job Melissa ;)

Webster Twelb said...

I wanna join!

Alix said...

I'd like to join in please. I was already going to re-read some Austen for the 888 challenge. I've only seen the Pride and Prejudice adaptation though I can't wait to see the others.

Becky said...

Alix, so glad you're joining :)

Chris said...

I'd like to join in!

I'll be reading Mansfield Park and another yet to be announced selection. I sent my dh my Wish List for Christmas and there are several choices.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join, if that's all right. I saw your comment over at Little Willow's blog. :)

My blog URL, if you'd like to add it to the list:

Becky said...

Tori, welcome, welcome :) The more the merrier.