Friday, February 12, 2010

Poetry Friday: Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs: Romantically Ridiculous Animal Rhymes. By Karma Wilson. Illustrated by Suzanne Watts. 2009. [December 2009] Simon & Schuster. 64 pages.

The title does warn you what to expect. Romantically ridiculous animal rhymes. Some of the rhymes are cute, in a cutesy sort of way. Others are a bit more groan-worthy perhaps. But if you're up for some silly, light-hearted rhymes in time for Valentine's Day. Then Karma Wilson's Bear Hugs is a cute choice.


Your legs are short and slightly bowed.
You're looking somewhat pigeon-toed.
Your belly almost skims the rug.
Your nose, it shows a bit of pug.
You're not fat, just sort of stout.
When it's hot, your tongue lolls out.
You drool a bit (okay, a lot).
Those are quite some teeth you've got.
It's no bull we're just alike.
So will you, Lola, take me, Spike,
to be your dog, eternally?
You see, you're love-a-bull to me.

This one also has "Rhinocerkiss," "The Cat's Meow," "Always Remember," "Pignic," "I'm Ape For You," "Some Bunny Special," "What A Chicken," and "Will Ewe?"....just to name a few.

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