Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Salon: Reading, Read, To Read #8

Happy Sunday! Have you seen these Nebula announcements?! I was excited to see the nominees for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction. I've read Ash, Eyes Like Stars, and When You Reach Me. And I've been wanting to read Ice and Leviathan. All of the titles look interesting though!

What I've Reviewed This Week:

Running Man. Michael Gerard Bauer. 2008. HarperCollins. 304 pages.
Just In Case. Meg Rosoff. 2006. Random House. 250 pages.
Looking for Red. By Angela Johnson. 2002. Simon & Schuster. 116 pages.
Cannery Row. John Steinbeck. 1945. Penguin. 208 pages.
Sweet Thursday. John Steinbeck. 1954. Penguin. 272 pages.
My Name is Phillis Wheatley: A Story of Slavery and Freedom. Afua Cooper. Kids Can Press. 152 pages.
Three Little Bears Play All Day by David Martin. Illustrated by Akemi Gutierrez. 2010. [February 2010] Candlewick. 48 pages.
We're All In The Same Boat. Zachary Shapiro. Illustrated by Jack E. Davis. 2009. Penguin. 32 pages.
Noah's Bark. Stephen Krensky. Illustrations by Roge. 2010. [April 2010] Lerner Publishing. 32 pages.
Bears On Chairs. Shirley Parenteau. Illustrated by David Walker. 2009. [August 2009]. Candlewick. 32 pages.
Don't Worry Bear. Greg Foley. 2008. [March 2008] Penguin. 32 pages.
Good Luck Bear. Greg Foley. 2009. [February 2009]. Penguin. 32 pages.
I'm A Pig. Sarah Weeks. Illustrated by Holly Berry. 2005. HarperCollins. 32 pages.
Captain Small Pig. Martin Waddell. Illustrated by Susan Varley. 2010. [March 2010] Peachtree Press. 32 pages.
The Very Little Princess. Marion Dane Bauer. Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles. 2010. [February 2010]. 128 pages. Random House.
The Black Moth. Georgette Heyer. 1921/2009. Sourcebooks. 355 pages.
The Country House Courtship. Linore Rose Burkard. 2010. Harvest House. 287 pages.
Out With The In Crowd by Stephanie Morrill. 2010. [January 2010] Revell. 252 pages.
Big George: How A Shy Boy Became President Washington. Anne Rockwell. Illustrated by Matt Phelan. 2009. [January 2009] Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 48 pages.
Pick & Shovel Poet: The Journey of Pascal D'Angelo. Jim Murphy. 2000. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 176 pages.
Mother Goose's Little Treasures By Iona Opie. Illustrated by Rosemary Wells. 2007. Candlewick Press. 56 pages.
Mules and Men by Zora Neale Hurston. 1935. HarperCollins. 336 pages.

What I'm Currently Reading:

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. 1966. Houghton Mifflin. 423 pages.

Emma Brown: A Novel From the Unfinished Manuscript by Charlotte Bronte. Clare Boylan. 2005. Penguin. 464 pages.

Before I Fall. Lauren Oliver. 2010. [March 2010] HarperCollins. 480 pages.

Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck. 1939. Penguin. 619 pages.

Abigail. Jill Eileen Smith. 2010. February 2010. Revell. 368 pages.

What I Hope To Begin/Finish Soon:

Mare's War. Tanita S. Davis. Random House. 352 pages.

Blue Plate Special by Michelle D. Kwasney. 2009. Chronicle Books. 366 pages

Cosmic. Frank Cottrell Boyce. 2010. [January 2010] HarperCollins 313 pages.

Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler. 2009. [December 2009] Penguin. 256 pages.

The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran. 2010 [February 2010] Random House. 384 pages.

Young Bess by Margaret Irwin. 1944/2010. [March 2010] SourceBooks. 400 pages.

The Stolen Crown. Susan Higginbotham. 2010. [March 2010] SourceBooks. 400 pages.

Movies Reviewed This Week:

Northanger Abbey (2007)
Persuasion (1995)

Challenges Joined This Week:

More Steinbeck Challenge

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Kim Harrington said...

I've heard such good things about BEFORE I FALL. That's definitely on my to-read list!

Sycorax Pine said...

I am especially intrigued by "Becoming Jane Eyre." Can't wait to see what you think of that one. But all those historical fictions look *delicious*.

As you can see from my Sunday Salon (when it finally posts to the feed), I have also been on an Austen kick lately!