Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Going Vintage (2013)

Going Vintage. Lindsey Leavitt. 2013. [March 2013] Bloomsbury USA. 320 pages.

When Mallory Bradshaw discovers that her boyfriend, Jeremy, has been having an online relationship with another girl (Jenny/BubbleYum) she gets very angry. As she processes the break-up over the next day or so, she decides that life HAD to have been easier when her grandmother was a teenager. She concludes that if she could just live life like it was 1962, then her life would sort itself out better. It helps that she's cleaning out her grandmother's house with her Dad during this time, for it is in this cleaning that she discovers "the list." A seemingly random list of five goals her grandmother had when she was sixteen:
  • Run for Pep Squad Secretary
  • Host a Fancy Dinner Party/Soiree
  • Sew a Dress for Homecoming
  • Find a Steady
  • Do Something Dangerous
She makes a plan with her younger sister, Ginnie. She will give up technology (her phone, her computer, the internet, TV, etc.), and her sister will support her and work on the dinner party scheme. (Her sister is the cook in the family.) She'll also try to dress the part. Will it be as easy as she thinks?

I enjoyed Going Vintage very much. I loved the character development! I enjoyed getting to know Mallory and her entire family (her mom and dad, her sister, her grandma) and her friends. I also loved getting to know Oliver.  I LOVED Oliver!
Five months, give or take. Jeremy and I had been together for almost a whole school year by then. He'd already been to one of our family reunions. We'd already started talking in sentences like "Let's go snowboarding at Big Bear next winter," which shows that we were planning for a future together, maybe not forever, but at least for the immediate soon. "When did you start saying I love you?"
Jeremy freezes, which is my breaking point. I never actually read I love you in an e-mail, but his reaction tells me it's happened. How can someone say something like that to two different people at the same time? Not only did he write that to his cyber love, but I believe he felt it. For her. And they weren't just words he said to get the girl to blur her physical boundaries. He said it because Jenny knew him, all of him. And all I got was a piece. (147, ARC)
Read Going Vintage
  • If you enjoy YA realistic fiction and/or romance
  • If you enjoy character-driven YA fiction

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Mozette said...

Sounds like a great read. Being a very retro kinda gal, I can see this sort of thing happening.

As I'm 40 this year, I do find it hard to find the right person who doesn't think I'm living in the past too much. I collect vinyls (records) own a turntable, own a piano (a real one, not a plug-in electric one, which I inherited from my late-Grandmother) and I've been cooking from home for myself for some 5 years now... life is a lot different when you start looking for somebody and you can't find somebody who gets you.

Jeanette Pekala said...

Sounds pretty cool. Very different.