Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Challenge: L.M. Montgomery (January Challenge)

Host: Reading to Know
Name: L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge
Date: Just January 2013
# of Books: 2+

One of my BIG goals for the year 2013 is to read L.M. Montgomery's works chronologically. (Perhaps with the exception of her short stories which I will fit in wherever I can. I do want to read her short stories, but I'm not as anxious to make sure I fit them in chronologically between her novels.) Reading to Know is hosting her L.M. Montgomery challenge this January. 

1) L.M. Montgomery Short Stories, 1896-1901
2) L.M. Montgomery Short Stories, 1902-1903
3) Anne of Green Gables, 1908
4) L.M. Montgomery Short Stories: 1904

and if time allows...

5) L.M. Montgomery Short Stories: 1905-1906
6) L.M. Montgomery Short Stories: 1907-1908

I also plan on watching film adaptations of Anne of Green Gables.

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Carrie said...

Fun, fun! I'm so glad that someone is covering her short stories. And doing so chronologically makes it ever so much more interesting. I hope you'll share your thoughts along the way!