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Star Wars Phonics (2012)

Star Wars Phonics. Quinlan B. Lee. 2012. (September 2012). Scholastic.

This boxed phonics set features ten books and two workbooks. The books tell stories from most of the Star Wars films; there is a nice blend of stories from the original trilogy and the new trilogy. My favorite book is Hide Out! And here's my favorite quote not only from this book but from the whole set:
 "No one likes Vader. Now no one likes Lando. 'But I am on your side,' says Lando. 'You are not on our side!' Leia says. 'You are slime!' Is Lando really slime? Only time will tell."
#1 Meet Anakin (short a)
This is Anakin. He lives in a flat land. There is a lot of sand. He can race a Podracer fast! Anakin goes fast, fast, fast! But can he win a race?
#2 Friends to the End (short e)
 This is Chewie and Han. They do not look the same. They do not talk the same. But they are best friends. Han flies the ship. Chewie helps him. They jet right! They jet left! 
#3 Jar Jar's Trip (short i)
The Jedi must take a trip. They need a ship. The Jedi get a ship. They also get Jar Jar. Jar Jar wants to skip the trip. The ship goes zip zip zip. The ship zips through the water. 
#4 Here Come the Ewoks (short o)
The Ewoks are not big. But that does not stop them. Ewoks live in rock and log huts. The huts are not big. The huts are on top of trees! Ewoks use ropes to get to the top. They hop up, up, up to the top
 #5 How to Be a Jedi (short u)
Being a Jedi is hard. A Jedi must learn a lot. A Jedi must be strong. A Jedi must be fast. A Jedi will need help. So a Jedi learns to trust his friends. A Jedi will not always win. So a Jedi learns to not give up.
Other books include:
  • #6 Chase on Endor (long a)
  • #7 Meet Han Solo (long e)
  • #8 Hide Out (long i)
  • #9 Here Come the Clones (long o)
  • #10 Use the Force, Luke (long u)
The back of each book lists which words a new reader will be practicing as they read that book and work on that phonics skill. 

I enjoyed reading this set of early readers. The books are simple and at times amusing. If you've got a little one who loves Star Wars and needs a little reading practice, this would be worth considering.

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