Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Case of the Worried Waitress (1966)

The Case of the Worried Waitress: A Perry Mason mystery. Erle Stanley Gardner. 1966. 151 pages.

Perry Mason and Della Street were having lunch at Madison's Midtown Milestone. 

I believe this is only the second Perry Mason mystery I've read. I did enjoy this one more. I really loved it. In this mystery, Perry Mason takes pity on his 'worried waitress' and leaves her a good enough tip so that she can come consult with him at his office. (He also leaves his card.) Kit Ellis, the waitress, has newly moved across the country to live with her aunt, her only remaining relative. So why is she so worried? Well, it seems that her aunt is poor--she is always bargain shopping for their groceries, and even what she does bring home leaves Kit a bit hungry. But when Kit learns that almost all of her aunt's errands--including the grocery shopping going from store to store to store to store--are done in a taxi, well, she's puzzled. How can her aunt afford to take a taxi cab and keep it waiting while she shops? And then there's what Kit found in her aunt's closet...

Mason's advice to the young woman is to GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE. That very day she should GET OUT. But that may be more difficult than even Mason can imagine...

I just loved this one!!! Recommended for all fans of Perry Mason!

Read The Case of the Worried Waitress
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jmisgro said...

now I must find a Perry Mason book!! How I loved the TV show....I love Raymond Burr. What a hottie he was!!