Thursday, May 02, 2013

Shades of Earth (2013)

Shades of Earth. (Across the Universe #3) Beth Revis. 2013. Penguin. 369 pages.

This is the third novel in a trilogy. The first two are Across the Universe and A Million Suns. This science fiction romance is told through two narrators: Amy and Elder. I am not usually a fan of dual narratives, but, in this case I think it works well. Elder, as leader of the Shipborn, has a definite opinion on this new, dangerous, thrilling adventure. Amy, of course, has her own opinions as well. On the one hand, she's THRILLED to be off the ship and on the planet, and she's happy to see both her mom and dad. But at the same time, Amy feels a little angry and betrayed. Amy and Elder haven't solved all the mysteries yet, and, there are OBVIOUS DANGERS and slightly-less-obvious dangers for them all to face.

I have enjoyed all three books in the trilogy. While I wasn't absolutely amazed with any of the books, I found each book entertaining enough to be a good read. What I've enjoyed most about the books are the science fiction elements. In the first two novels, readers get a ship adventure; readers meet colonists on their way to a new planet. In the last novel, readers get to see the beginnings of a new colony. I can't say more about their new home and the specific dangers they are facing. BUT. I definitely cared enough to keep reading!

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Suko said...

Becky, I'm glad you enjoyed this trilogy, which feature science fiction elements.

I've been on a quest today (only for a short while, really) to see how other bloggers write the titles of the books they review. Like me, you underline the titles of your books. That's how I learned to do it in school (many years ago!). :)