Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Big Guy Took My Ball (2013)

A Big Guy Took My Ball. Mo Willems. 2013. Hyperion. 58 pages. [Source: Library]

I've enjoyed every Elephant and Piggie book Mo Willem has published. True, sometimes it's merely strong liking and not absolute LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. But the series as a whole are practically perfect in my estimation! Mo Willems does everything exactly right time and time again.

This adventure starts with Piggie telling Gerald a story. She found a ball, a big ball. It was the best ball ever. She was having so much fun until a "big guy" came and took "her" ball. It was AWFUL. Piggie is outraged. Gerald is a friend, a good friend. If someone has picked on Piggie, he should do something to help, right?! Gerald was perhaps expecting a "big guy" around his own size...or at least closer to his own size. He wasn't expecting a HUGE WHALE. But what Piggie and Gerald discover is a very large, but somewhat sad whale. The whale is telling Piggie thank you. Thank you for finding and returning the ball. But the whale is without doubt sad. Why? The whale is LONELY. Can Gerald and Piggie help?!

I loved this book. I liked discovering the real story. A good reminder that there is always more than one side to any story! It was also great at showing problem solving! I think my favorite scene was:
"Would you like to play "Whale Ball" with us?"
"What is "Whale Ball"?
"We do not know!"
"We have not made it up yet!"

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Joyful Reader said...

sounds like a great story of how those who are different (or bigger) have feelings and only want to belong as well. We need lots of good authors like this one for the upcoming generation!

Confuzzled Shannon said...

Aww sounds cute.

Skagway said...

My kiddo's got this pretty neat book from Mo Willems. This book is very simple to read, the colors are pretty mellow and super cute book. I just love how the elephant helps out the piggy from the giant whale that stole the ball. I like how the book explains how it solves the problem in a good manner instead of teaching bad manners. The words are short and quick and very easily to read. I especially love how quick and easy the book goes along, as toddlers attention span is very short. You can also use the pictures to read the books as well!