Thursday, July 18, 2013

Death in the Clouds (1935)

Death in the Clouds (Death in the Air). Agatha Christie. 1935. 253 pages [Source: Library]

I really enjoyed this Hercule Poirot novel. In this mystery, Poirot is traveling from France to England via airplane. On his trip, one of the passengers dies. For a few seconds at least, it is suspected that a wasp sting is to blame for Madame Giselle's death. But only for a few seconds. A dart is found, a poisoned dart, no doubt. The question is which passenger is a murderer? Poirot has quite a mystery to solve. 

I definitely enjoyed this one! Readers get to know many of the passengers. In particular readers get to know a certain young lady, a hair dresser named Jane Grey. This mystery will take Poirot (and others) back and forth between the two countries. Some clues can only be found in France, for example. Can Poirot solve the crime before the police?

The more I read of Hercule Poirot, the more forgiving I am of his arrogance. Poirot can brag and boast; I'm not sure there is any of his mysteries where he doesn't have a big ego. But Poirot is impressive, and his reputation is well-earned.

Do you have a favorite Hercule Poirot novel? 

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Silvia said...

Hmm. I need to try this as my first Agatha Christie. I have always been a Sherlock girl.