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Thoughts on Three Disney Fairies Movies

While I've seen all the Tinker Bell movies to date, today I'll be discussing my three favorites: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Secret of the Wings (2012), and Pirate Fairy (2014).

I really love Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Summer camp on the mainland. Tink and all her friends are in for quite an adventure. Tinker Bell knows that she's supposed to stay far away from humans, from the human house. But she's so very curious. One thing she is super curious about is a horseless carriage. She sees Lizzy and her father arrive at the cottage, and, she can't resist wanting to explore just a bit. When Vidia's wings get wet, and the two have to walk back to camp, Tinker Bell's impulsiveness displays itself once again. She finds a fairy house! An oh-so-cute fairy house (made of an oatmeal carton!). She, of course, has to go inside. The door gets stuck--not out of maliciousness, but mechanical problems. Vidia witnesses her friend getting captured by a human girl, a girl named Lizzy. Vidia follows from a distance as Lizzy takes her to her house and attempts to show her "real fairy" to her oh-so-distracted scientific father. Vidia returns to camp to tell everyone that Tink has been captured and put in a cage! A rescue won't be easy since it's raining, but Tink's friends won't let her down...

I love, love, love this one for many reasons. I love seeing Tinker Bell and Lizzy together. I love when they make a book together. Love all the kid art, and how these two find a way to understand each other and communicate. I love how Tinker Bell wants to "fix" the relationship between father and daughter. Even if that puts her own life at risk since she's given at least one or two opportunities to leave.

Secret of the Wings. I love, love, love, LOVE this one! Tinker Bell breaks another rule. She crosses the border and enters Winter! The few minutes she's there, she sees that her wings are all sparkly! Tink needs answers. She'll wait until she's warmed back up, but, go on a search for answers, she will! She'll return to the Winter Woods to seek the Keeper--the writer of all the books--to find out just WHY her wings sparkled. She'll go fully prepared--with new leggings, boots, and coat. While there she discovers something WONDERFUL. She has a sister!!! Periwinkle and Tinker Bell discover each other, but, on that very day, Lord Milori forbids them to ever see one another again. It's too dangerous for them to cross seasons or borders to be together. (Lord Milori is voiced by Timothy Dalton!!!) Tinker Bell will NOT take no for an answer, of course. With the help of her friends, Tinker Bell is determined to get to know her sister better and find a way to change the rule forever.

Love this one. I do. The song the Great Divide is just wonderful!!! I just love this one from start to finish!!!

The newest movie is Pirate Fairy. I love this one so so much! Viewers meet "the Tinker Bell of dust keepers" an oh-so-curious fairy named Zarina. The film opens with it being Zarina's turn to bring the blue pixie dust to the pixie dust tree. Viewers learn that it is the blue dust that takes regular pixie dust from a trickle to a roar. When a small speck of the blue dust is brought home in her hair, Zarina decides it's time to take her secret experiments to a whole new level. The good news: she's done it at last. She creates orange dust and pink dust and purple dust! The bad news? Well, she has quite an accident that leads to her running away for an entire year. When she returns, it won't be as Zarina. She'll be a pirate captain!

Tinker Bell and her friends will need to save the day, but Zarina won't make it easy for them! Hint: She switches their talents! If you haven't seen this one yet, you should!!! I love seeing the crocodile!!!

And, did I mention it stars Tom Hiddleston as James, a young Captain Hook?! There is so much to love about this movie! I adore "Who I Am," I do. But, I love, love, love The Frigate That Flies!!!

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