Thursday, November 09, 2017

Design Originals

I recently received three books for review from Design Originals.

The first is Christmas Papercrafting: Holiday Cards, Gift Tags, & More. It is a craft book and not a coloring book.

The book is divided into two sections: Project Ideas and Crafting Materials. Crafting Materials take up the bulk of this one. It includes cards, large-format art, mini-cards, gift tags, bookmarks, envelope templates, and scrapbook paper.

50 greeting cards
16 gift tags
18 mini-cards
6 book marks
large envelope template
small envelope template
scrapbook paper "stash"

This one would be good for families to use together.

The second is Cute Christmas Holiday Coloring Book. Featured are puppies, kittens, snowmen, and the occasional PIG. (I loved this picture. It reminded me of a toy pig I used to have that would oink Jingle Bells.) All the pictures are adorable and cute, just as promised.

The pages are thick and each is also perforated so that they can be easily taken out of the book.

The artists for Cute Christmas were Jenny Newland and William Vanderdasson.

The third is Santa's Kitty Helpers Holiday Coloring Book. This one is probably my favorite of the three. I love, love, love cats. I love, love, love Christmas.

I liked the art in Cute Christmas. I did. But I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the art in Santa's Kitty Helpers. The artist is Kayomi Harai.

I'd describe the kittens and cats as adorable, irresistible and dare I say PRECIOUS?!?!

There are plenty of beans to color!

Definitely all three should be given BEFORE Christmas.

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