Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Waylon! Even More Awesome

Waylon! Even More Awesome. Sara Pennypacker. Illustrated by Marla Frazee. 2017. [October 31, 2017] 208 pages. [Source: Library]

 First sentence: One look at Baxter's face, and Waylon knew. "Dumpster Eddy was picked up again."

Premise/plot: I loved the first book in the series, Waylon! One Awesome Thing. Several months have passed since the first book. In those months, Waylon and Baxter have gotten to know each other much better. One thing unites them: Dumpster Eddy. This is a stray dog that keeps getting picked up by the police. On the day he's scheduled to be shipped to an animal shelter, he always mysteriously disappears. Waylon and Baxter have everything to do with that. But they are beginning to think long-term. How can they really save this dog?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this one. Clementine is definitely more present in this second book. In fact, she helps them out occasionally in their scheming. The action definitely centers around the dog. But this is more than just a dog story. It's a story about working together, working well together. Waylon and Baxter happen to see eye to eye on Eddy. But. Waylon is not seeing eye to eye with another of his friends. The two are supposed to be writing a comic book together--a science themed comic book. But things aren't going well at all. DRAMA. Waylon does have a lot to learn about friendship. And readers continue to get to know Waylon, his family, and his classmates.

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Alyssa Nelson said...

This sounds like an incredibly cute kids' book. I love themes of friendship and working together -- definitely going to pick this up for my nephew. Great review, thanks for sharing!