Saturday, February 10, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio #5

This week I finished listening to Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time. It was a wonderful experience overall. I would have it on in the background as I wrote reviews, checked email and facebook, worked on my family tree. Because of the way I was listening to it, there were some episodes I listened to more than once. In fact, there were a few episodes in the middle that I listened to a couple of times because I kept getting interrupted. The book is wonderful. The audio production reminded me of that, which is good. But it's also bad in that now I want to drop all my current reads and focus on my Richard books. I'm not allowing myself! At least not yet.

There are several possibilities as to what I *might* listen to next.

The Brothers Karamazov (five episodes)
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (five episodes)
The American Senator (three episodes)
The Inimitable Jeeves (eight episodes)

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